Lessons learned from a combat doctor in Iraq [PODCAST] – KevinMD

“My own dream-induced pain started at the same time this child was mowed down. Then and there is when and where my faith in God died because God, the higher power, had allowed this unspeakable nightmare to happen. My hope for the future evaporated, all while helplessness chewed through my guts From Left to Right.

This was the same moment I realized that humanity is connected in a definitive, tangible, and spiritual way. A trigger-happy and scared Marine was likewise connected. He made an understandable mistake in the heat of the moment and accidentally destroyed this innocent little girl. His solitary action grew into horror, altering all of our lives. We are all intrinsically connected, and yet, we point weapons at each other, pulling triggers, and then we deal with a fragmented, amputated existence. War eviscerates us all.”

Reagan Anderson is a dermatologist and author of Universal Death Care.

He shares his story and discusses his KevinMD article, “The trauma of a combat doctor in Iraq.”

Watch and listen Here:

Lessons learned from a combat doctor in Iraq [PODCAST]